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It was about the music and the alienation of being in my teens’ on long Island in the mid-late 70’s and 80’s. New wave music came to represent all of the aspects and trappings of the burgeoning Long Island counter culture and custom made for music fans dying to hear the stuff no one else […]

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Adele Petit


For the past ten years, I’ve worked in full-time and freelance capacities for a variety of award-winning weekly and monthly publications. In that time, I’ve written and edited compelling, highly trafficked stories about music, literature, fashion, pop-culture, and technology for The New Yorker, Billboard, Bon Appetit, The Boston Globe, Condé Nast Traveler, Etsy, i-D, InStyle, […]

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Jim Kerrigan

Visual storytelling is my passion. Digital or analogue. Two or three dimensions. Colourful or plain. Being adventurous is key. I am a freelance Director, Designer and Motion Art Director. I am fascinated by what images can do to the eye and therefore to the mind. Images are about transformation, about telling stories that life might […]

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Jhon Tuft

Award-winning sound designer, integrator, and audio systems designer with a proven ability to create visceral and immersive audio experiences for music. Has a deep knowledge of audio implementation tools and technologies, both proprietary and middleware. Sound is a collection of frequencies that are without meaning. It is my job as a Sound Designer and Audio […]

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Mirko Moralez

Accomplished music business professional with over a decade of experience in the industry. Event management specialist with extensive training in hospitality, event ticketing, box office administration, and event promotions. My successes in the field have led me to work in music venues and organizations in London, England, New York City, New Jersey, San Francisco, and […]

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Samuel Garcia

That’s a great start! But talent scout professionals don’t just need to have a ‘good ear’. To do this job, you’ll also need to really understand today’s music ‘market’. That means what people are currently listening to (and loving) – so you can make a good guess at what direction the music industry might be going in […]

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